Power of Proximity

We can see evidence of injustice all around us, whether in continuing incidents of racial inequality or in the systemic forces that disenfranchise people and perpetuate poverty. It’s important to learn about the world’s inequities and to be a voice for the voiceless any way we can. But in an age of hashtag and armchair activism, merely raising awareness about injustice is not enough.

Michelle Warren knows what is needed. She and her family have chosen to live in communities where they are “proximate to the pain of the poor.” This makes all the difference in facing and overcoming injustice. When we build relationships where we live, we discover the complexities of standing with the vulnerable and the commitment needed for long-term change.

Top Reviews

“Michelle calls a new generation to defy the moving sidewalk that pushes us to seek out and settle down in communities of comfort. Instead she says, “lean in.” Michelle’s life and words declare that the renewing of our minds requires the relocation of our bodies in the epic day-to-day struggles of ordinary people pushed to forgotten corners of our cities and towns. Here we experience the power of proximity to heal and transform our world.”

Lisa sharon harper, freedom road llc

“A wonderful book for young Christians—and for all Christians who have begun to authentically wrestle with the demands of whole-gospel discipleship. Wise, funny, and well written. Read it!”

Alexia Salvatierra, co-author of Faith-Rooted Organizing

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