Michelle in the Media

“It’s time to come together. It’s time to build a better tomorrow. It’s time to become the leaders who will make this happen.



  • Christianity Today: From Foreigner to Family Member, <Christianity Today>
  • “Standing Up to Oppression on Universal Children’s Day”, <Sojourners>
  • “Prayer & Problem Solving” <Faith in Public Life>
  • “Are We There Yet?” <CCDA>
  • “Fear. Courage. Restoration” <Bread for the World>
  • “Immigration Reform Leaders of Today Must Follow Past Examples” <Sojourners>
  • Caring for Immigration Reform in the Pews <CBN News>
  • A New Light, Colorado Evangelicals Cite Bible as they Embrace Immigration Reform <Denver Post>

Books Michelle Has Endorsed

Separated by the Border, by Gena Thomas (InterVarsity Press) Forward by Michelle Ferrigno Warren

Lessons Learned from the Bottom of the Stairs by Randy Milliken (Kindle Direct Publishing) Forward by Michelle Ferrigno Warren

Playing for the City by Biddle, Jessup, Lahr & Thompson (Urban Loft)

The House that Love Built by Sarah Jackson with Scott Sawyer (Zondervan)

My Body is Not a Prayer Request by Amy Kenny (Baker Publishing)

The Gospel of Peace in a Violent World by Sean Graves & Marlena Graves (InterVarsity Press)

Rise of the Truth Teller by Ashley Abercrombie (Baker Publishing)

Invited by Leslie Verner (Herald Press)

The God Who Sees by Karen Gonzales (Herald Press)

Becoming a Just Church by Adam Gustine (InterVarsity Press)

How Neighborhoods Make Us Sick by Veronica Squires & Breanna Lathrop (InterVarsity Press)

Love Undocumented by Sarah Quezada (Herald Press)

Featured Podcasts

Senate Race Highlights

  • Colorado Supreme Kicks Democrat Michelle Ferrigno Warren Off the US Senate Primary Ballot, <Colorado Politics>
  • Secretary of state asks Colorado Supreme Court to overturn judge’s order placing Senate candidate on primary ballot, <Denver Post>
  • Citing pandemic, Denver judge puts U.S. Senate candidate on ballot despite failing to meet signature requirement,<Denver Post>
  • Secretary of State Appealing ruling that added candidate to the democratic primary ballot, <CPR>
  • Battlefield Colorado Series Michelle Ferrigno Warren, <Majority 60>